The ATLAS LTI Tool is currently incompatible with Safari.  We recommend using the LTI with Chrome or Firefox while we work to fix this. We apologize for the inconvenience.


The LTI Tool allows instructors to embed ATLAS Cases they have curated to Groups directly into Blackboard.  When students launch the LTI links, they'll be able to view the Case the instructor has selected. There is no need to add students to the ATLAS platform beforehand.

Setting up Course Groups in ATLAS

Before instructors will be able to use the LTI Tool, they will need to create one or more ATLAS Groups where they curate Cases they'd like to add to their Blackboard Courses. If you need more information about setting up Groups, please see our Group Leader Help Articles

Installing the ATLAS LTI in Blackboard

Step 1: Get Your Information In Order. You'll need the following items:

  1. Key/Secret pair obtained from your ATLAS Account Representative
  2. Launch URL obtained from your ATLAS Account Representative

Step 2: Create an ATLAS LTI Tool Provider

  1. On the Administrator Panel, select LTI Tool Providers.

  2. Configure Provider Domain Status

    1. Enter in the Provider Domain textbox.

    2. Set Provider Domain Status to “Approved”

  3. Default Configuration

    1. Select “Set Globally”

    2. Enter your Key and Secret

  4. Configure Institution Policies

    1. Select “Send User Data only over SSL”

    2. User Fields to send should include Role in Course and Email Address 

      1. *Note: If you don’t allow sending email address the ATLAS LTI Tool WILL NOT work for students. 

  5. Click “Submit” 

Step 3: Create ATLAS LTI Placement 

  1. From the LTI Tool Providers page, open the Tools menu and select “Manage Placements”

  2. Select “Create Placement”

  3. Configure Placement Information

    1. Enter a Label. This is the name that appears to users in a course.

    2. Enter a Handle. This must be a unique ID for the tool which can only contain alphanumeric, underscore, or dash characters. 

    3. Set Availability to “Yes”

    4. Set Tool Type to “Content Type” tool

    5. Select “Build Content (Create)” 

  4. Configure Tool Provider Information

    1. Enter the Launch URL you received from in the Tool Provider URL input box

    2. Enter the Key and Secret you received

    3. Click “Submit” 

Add an ATLAS Link to a Blackboard Course

Note: In order for the video cases to show up in Blackboard,  login to ATLAS, create a group and add cases only to the group. Here is the help article on how to create a group:

Note: Do NOT add Students to the group, only video cases. Add link to create/group article.

  1. Navigate to your Course and select "Create" 
  2. Select ATLAS from the available Tools 
  3. Fill in Link details and click "Save" 

Embed an ATLAS Case 

  1. Click on the ATLAS LTI Link you just added to your Course
  2. If prompted, login to your ATLAS account 
  3. Find the case you want to embed and click "Attach LTI Link" 
  4. You are finished! The ATLAS case is now accessible to your students

Trouble Shooting 

Check your Cookie Settings  

  1. Make sure you are allowing third party cookies. We use a cookie to connect your Blackboard session to your ATLAS session. If you don't allow third party cookies, we won't be able to connect your sessions and log you in.  
  2. Make sure has been added to your allowed sites if you are strict about your cookie settings 

You can refer to the links below for more information about managing cookies in different browsers. If you are unable to manage cookies, you may need to contact your department instructional technology support. 

Manage Cookies in Chrome

Manage Cookies in Firefox

Manage Cookies in Safari

Manage Cookies in IE

Safari Login Issue

The Problem: I am using Safari and I can’t seem to login to the LTI Tool no matter what I do! I’ve even tried changing my password via reset password from email, and it still doesn’t work. 

The Solution: 

  1. Check your cookie settings, and make sure you are allowing third party cookies. If you are strict about your cookie settings, you may need to whitelist

  2. Close out of the LTI Tool

  3. Open the Homepage in a new tab 

  4. Launch the LTI tool again 

The Reason

Safari does a lot to protect your privacy, and ensure third parties aren’t tracking you without your consent. Because of this, Safari won’t allow third parties to set cookie information, if it looks like you haven’t visited the site recently. This means we can’t set an SSO cookie if you’ve recently cleared your history, are using Safari for the first time, or are using Safari on a new device. Opening the ATLAS Homepage will fix this problem, because it indicates to Safari that ATLAS is a site you use intentionally. Technical details can be found here: