Updated September 8, 2021

You can align resources to education standards on OER Commons. When you align a resource to standards, you not only help others to find resources that will meet specific standards but also increase the value of the resource for future users.

OER Commons offers openly accessible standards (such as Common Core standards) that can be applied to resources by all OERC Commons users. Other state-specific standards are available through special permission, such as these examples:

  • Florida Science Standards

  • Florida ELA B.E.S.T. Standards

  • Nebraska Agriculture and Natural Resources Standards

  • Nebraska Social Studies Standards

  • Oregon Mathematics Standards

  • Oregon Art Standards

  • Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology

  • Pennsylvania Standards for Business, Computer and Information Technology

State-specific standards may only be visible to members of the hub for that state. OER Commons users can search for state-specific standards, but can’t align to them. To align resources to state-specific standards that are protected by permission, please contact us at info@oercommons.org.

Add a standards tag 

  1. Log in to OER Commons.

  2. Select the resource you would like to align to an education standard.

  3. Select Add alignment from the landing page for the resource.

  1. Select an Education Standard, and then select GradeLearning Domain, etc. from the menus. Each menu opens as you select from the menu above it.

  2. Check the box for as many Alignment Tags as appropriate. Here we have selected two tags. 

  3. Select Add to post your tag or tags to the resource.

  4. If you close the Add Alignment tool before you select Add, the tool will remember where you were when you select Add Alignment again. 

  1. View your Alignment tag on the resource’s landing page.

  2. Add as many alignment tags as desired to the resource. If you add more than one, use the left/right arrows to page through the alignment tags. In this example, we aligned to two Common Core Standards, but the result was four standards, because Maryland State standards are crosswalked to the Common Core Standards.